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The PPS Act is a complex piece of legislation. How will it affect you and your clients? What must you do now to maximise the benefits and ensure the protection of your security interests?

You are not alone if you’re wondering whether the PPS Act applies to your business and unsure as to what you should be doing to become PPS Act complient. Our PPS Information Kit will help you to find solutions to the issues you’re currently facing.

We understand that every business is different and that the impacts of the PPS Act will vary. We will empower you with an understanding of the practical impacts for your business, your clients and what you must do now to maximise the benefits of the new PPS Act, registering on the PPS Register and preparing your business for the changes that will need to be made NOW!

The PPS Information Kit contains a wealth of information about the PPS Act:

  • An explanation of the key changes.
  • How to prepare for the PPS Act.
  • Key steps to effect & maintain registrations.
  • Frequently Asked Questions about the PPS Act.
  • A Glossary of Key PPS Act terms & Definitions.

The Personal Property Securities Act 2009 requires that businesses register all security interests on the Personal Property Security Register (PPS Register). Not registering a security interest will potentially result in your business losing its interest in goods supplied to clients that become insolvent, bankrupt or enter into liquidation.
We can provide you with a tool kit of tailored products and services that will help you through the PPS Act maze of information and help you to take control of all your PPS Act requirements.

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