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1. When does the PPS Act commence?

2. Who will administer the PPS Act?

3. What is the overall aim of the new laws?

4. Will the new PPS Act system affect me?

5. What are the main benefits that I will gain if I register my interests in the goods that I sell or consign?

6. But what if my customer’s bank has registered their interests before me? Will I still be able to get my goods back?

7. Will I gain any other benefits when I register under the PPS Act?

9. Is there a time limit for registration?

10. Will my existing Retention of Title (ROT) clauses in my trading terms still be effective?

11. Should I revise my current Trading Terms for all of my customers?

12. What are the consequences if I do not register my interests in my goods?

13. Is registration of an ROT security interest mandatory?

14. Are there any transition arrangements under the PPS Act?

15. What is the first step that I must take to start registering my interest in the goods that I supply to my customers?

16. How do I go about putting in place a Security Agreement with my customers?

17. What do I do after the Customer agrees to enter into a Security Agreement with me?

18. What information must a Financing Statement contain?

19. What do I need to do after I register my interests?

20. What happens if my customer information changes after registration?

21. How long should I register my interests?

22. What are the statutory fees of registering my security interests on the PPS Register?

23. Where to from here?

24. But I’m a business , how is the property personal?
25. Register your interests in property you own ? Really?
26. But I have a Retention of Title (ROT) Clause!

27. How do I know if I need to register my interests using the PPS Register?

If any of the following examples ring true for your business, you will need to register your security interests:

The Personal Property Securities Act 2009 requires that businesses register all security interests on the Personal Property Security Register (PPS Register). Not registering a security interest will potentially result in your business losing its interest in goods supplied to clients that become insolvent, bankrupt or enter into liquidation.
We can provide you with a tool kit of tailored products and services that will help you through the PPS Act maze of information and help you to take control of all your PPS Act requirements.

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